Death; The Very Essence of This Life


Death and life have created some questions that are as old as the universe. Up till this moment, these questions beg for suitable and credible answers. Man is born full of energy. A magnificent creation that surpasses all other forms of being. The magnificence of man has accorded him the title “higher animal“, due to the way he reasons, handles situations, organizes events, tackles and solves problems and fends for himself and relatives. Man is in no doubt outstanding.

The creation of man is not without a purpose. We are created as a set of being who loves to enjoy, that simply is a purpose. We accumulate wealth for the purpose of living, so the purpose of creating man is to acquire and accumulate wealth. If that is the case, since man generally is an higher animal, therefore every man has to be wealthy, but that has not been the case. Some live in abject poverty, they work day and night yet they cannot fend for themselves. They strive in the rain and sun still they could not sustain their living. They toil and moil the soil, they still remain in penury. Wealth is not universal!

Religious leaders preach our purpose on earth is to serve God, then why do we have atheist? God Himself is magnificent enough to make us serve Him but He has decided not to. If to serve Him were to be the primary purpose, no man should have proven the non existence of the Creator. Religion is relative!

The very essence of life is procreation, it is no wonder God has created everything in pairs, as we have in human. Man is expected to multiply on earth, to mate and deliver as many offspring as possible. In spite of this, why do nuns still exist? Are they not part of human? Are the conjunctions of the Creator not binding on them? If not without a reason, they would not have chosen to be nuns. Procreation is objective!

The value of education can never be underestimated. Every man wants to be educated by all means possible. Education is life, the essence of life. It builds man to a complete being, it makes man useful for himself and his immediate environment, it is the tool all man require to attain certain height in life. All this notwithstanding, education has not been able to go round the entire human race, it has not been able to alleviate poverty and fear, it has not been able to install peace to the world. Education is a mere nuomenon!

Then I put the question to you; what is universal, not relative, subjective and phenomenon? I once heard of Albert Einstein as the greatest scientist, I knew about William Shakespeare as the master of poets, I witnessed Muhammad Ali as the greatest sportsman, Micheal Jackson is one of the most popular man that ever graced this world, Davison Rockefeller once ruled the world with his wealth, his fortune upon his death in 1937 stood at 1.4 billion US Dollars, equivalent to 23 billion Dollars in 2015, Adolf Hitler was so powerful to the extent that the Second World War was named after him, Hitler War; the list is limitless. The singular thing that has dawned upon these list of powerful men is death, death is the essence of life. A man who witnesses life might not be wealthy, he might never be religious, education might not be his priority, he might not be privileged enough to procreate, but he must witness death.

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