The Balance of the Earth, The Good at Loss!

balance of the earth

Earth! a magnificent globe that house the wonderful human kind. For ages there had been this war between two supernatural lords that has been placing the balance of earth on hang. However, you wouldn’t understand until you see;

‘Do you know how godly it feels? Well, to know, you’ll have to get on the lambent palm of an angel to enjoy a jolly ride like i am. We descended through an atmosphere of varying air thickness, my subtle self sticking tightly to the angel’s palm. I wouldn’t expect you to be ridiculed, am not human and am visiting earth on a mission. My name is good, a disciple of this angel on whose palm i finally land on earth. I watched as my master sparkled a good bye in the air and flew back to the kingdom of the immortals above. I’ve been taught the nature of humanity and hence sent here to be an ambassador of humanity.

I decided to tour the earth and was dazed by the eye catching beauties that spreads its expanse. I wasn’t but conclusive that this is truly a place to find ‘good’.

I began my search afterwards, for my own disciples on earth. My targets being those among men, that has got a conscience. Together, we are destined to create an earth of good, where every human lives for the betterment of earth. A reign of peace and rain of blessing. An abundance of kindness and exemplary sense of leadership taking a dominant toll on earth. But yet, as eden as i plan to make earth, i have yet to make any notable impact. It’s a pity and it makes me very sad.

“I make a complete measure of life, your existence without me is ineffective, unappreciative. Though the signs and wonders behind me are terrific; i cause blushes, i effect bruises, i make men toil, i make women soil and i’m still the fear in children’s thoughts. Even in the world of fantasy, you still find me scary. I come to existence for a familiar purpose, to make a world tour, gather my disciple and bring them to a lacklustre destination. Some of you call me ugly, many a time beast, but I never get hurt by those names bcos my destined name is evil. My nature is black, my habitat is wild but am cool in weird imaginations. The creator bountifully endowed me that i can turn things around in milliseconds, thus getting bestowed with larger disciples and having a huge share of life beauties. I never regret my purpose of existence.”

Fate wouldn’t smile on me, if evil still lurks on earth. Obviously, my mission on earth seems far beyond making sure every man carries out good wills. Instead it’s more of fighting evil, as fancy and glamorous an earth I propose to build is. I discovered men with untainted conscience are rare. Let’s continue on the next page…

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