False Awakening: Dreaming Inside your Dream?

false awakening

Have you ever found yourself  waking up  after a prolong dream and then it strikes you that something is wrong ,yes, something looks amiss and you aren’t actually awake yet, but you are actually still dreaming? It sounds odd, right? Yes .But then, some of us has experienced this phenomenon before; I have this twice in a day before!

False Awakening

False awakening is what I call an explicit dream about waking up from your sleep while in fact you are still asleep. Now, hold on a little, false awakening should not be confused with lucid dreams. They are actually related but different experiences. While the latter is concerned with the ability to be conscious in your dreams and having to control events in the dream, the former is primarily concerned with dreaming inside your dream. Now let me make something crystal clear before I go on, it is actually possible ,sometimes that when one  has a false awakening, he can migrate to lucid dream, yes it happens albeit not frequently.

A facet of false awakening is what psychologist call continuum. This continuum occurs when one falls asleep in a real life scenario, but his brain stimulates the person and he thinks that he is awake while actually he is asleep. This strange phenomenon can be taken in tandem with sleep walking. To cross –check and be certain if you are experiencing false awakening, it is recommended you know certain tests:

False Awakening Brain Test

The first test is what I call brain test. If you are uncertain about been in a dream or not, try to remember some personal details about yourself. Details ranging from home address, birthdays, your phone number, email address, bank details and other information. If you can’t recall all of these information which are suppose to be yours, my dear, forget it, you are still dreaming!Who doesn’t remember his house address, birthday, email address and phone number? Well of course that’s if you don’t have amnesia.

False Awakening Threshold Test

Another reliable test is what is known as the threshold test. This test entails you  walk through a known threshold like when you are in your house, just kindly check  out your library, bathroom ,toilets and kitchen, it will surprise you that you may actually be dreaming when you try to pass out in the toilet and all you see is you are not in your toilet but in another place. If we are very conscious of our dreams we will notice that things that are supposed to be there in real life are not. So next time you are in a dream, check out for known threshold in familiar places and notice the changes, once you notice  something amiss, then you are dreaming.

Humans are the smartest Homo sapiens and can actually discern if they are dreaming or not, once you in doubt if you are dreaming or awake, there is a strong possibility that you are still dreaming. Yes thank God that we actually have such abilities, yes we are that special.

It is also pretty difficult to read any book in a dream, this is because a section of our cognitive brain is shutdown when we are asleep, so next time you find yourself unsure about your dreaming status, just pick up a book and try to read a few lines, if you can’t do this successful,you are still dreaming, of course am actually talking to people that can read in real life.

Enjoy False Awakening

Now that you have ascertained that you are experiencing false awakening, what should you do? Simple, all you have to do is to take charge of events in your dream and enjoy yourself, if you like to fly, you can actually fly like a bird to wherever you want, when this happens  then we say you are experiencing lucid dream, we will treat this lucid dream next time, have  a nice week folks. Adios.

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