GENDER EQUALITY: Where is the Battle Headed?

gender equality

Gender equality arguments made me read so many articles and watch lots of programs on the prevailing gender imbalance in the society. I am yet to be convinced why this issue has not been settled for this long. Since the most prominent religions in the world today are Islam and Christianity, I will be making certain references to them as we continue this discourse.

Firstly, we have to ask ourselves certain questions on this thorny issue. Why should a particular gender feel threatened and unfairly treated? What is the root of the feud among the female and male gender. Is there any merit to the cause been fought by females? Why does it seem that in this part of the world, most men don’t feel comfortable when this issue is raised?  We will try out best to answer some of this cogent questions as we deem fit.

Gender equality is an issue about fairness, in which both sexes are to be treated the same way, in every cadre of the society, be it economically, financially, spiritually and morally. The female gender are of the view that they are not been treated fairly like their male counterparts, like the cliché said that it’s the man’s world. But is it really a man’s world? This is a big question on Gender Equality.

Since a good number of the world population is Christians and Muslims, I will like to go back to their theory on creation of the world. Man was created from the dust by God and when God saw that he was lonely, he caused him to sleep and took a bone form his side and created the first female Eve. If this story is true then that means man comes before woman, meaning that even from the beginning gender equality is unbalanced, since one came before the other and the other was created out of one. Simply put it without the existence of men there cannot be women.

Also in answering the question about why one gender feels unfairly treated by the other, the blame lies sorely on the male gender. From time memorial, the men has been using the female gender has trophies. In times of war, female and children are counted as spoils of war. So the denigration of one sex caused the shout for unbalanced in gender equality. The male gender has failed to acknowledge that the female gender is par with him in certain duties. Let us look at some culture and traditions in which when a parent dies all the inheritance of the deceased go to only the male children, is this fair, NO! This is one of the cause of the gender equality battles.

In most African societies, the king, which is the ruler can never be the female, even in western countries for example even the queen of England is a ceremonial post in which has little or no powers, and the powers lies in the prime minister. Again in Africa society, a man can marry more than one wife, but when a lady tries to do that she is labeled names. If a woman fails to produce male children, she rarely gets any recognition from the man’s family and she is not fully accepted until she can produce one, if after several attempts this fail, another woman who can produce mail children is brought in. In certain parts of the society, the male child is sent to acquire western education while the female child stays at home, how then do we think the female gender won’t be aggrieved?But then should the women complain yes but to what extent.

The few women who have been given the chance to wild power have not really helped the cause of the aggrieved women. It has been proved time over time that gender equality is a thing of the mind. Even the few women who are agitating for better welfare and equality packages get little or no help from other female folks. If they are not united, how then can they fight this battle of the sexes against a formidable foe that is not ready to give them chance? These few lone voices fighting the battle also need to be more tactful  and less confrontational when raising salient points because this battle will not be won by nagging ,accusations and counter-accusations, it will be won by grit, determination and perseverance. Will the female gender win this war? Only time will tell.


    • Fadire simon

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