INTROVERTS; Who Are Really This Kind of People


Introverts can be regarded as an individual whose  thought patterns are innate, and who relate with nature and perceive what people cannot see. An introvert is special, gifted and wise. This individual is always cautious in making critical decisions, always keeping to himself and prefers his own space. He is constantly seeking knowledge and over- exerting himself and going out of his way to satisfy his close friends.Everly faithful individual, very shrewd, taciturn and has a very close circle of friends. I can vividly remember when I was young; I was seen as queer, strange and too quite to fit into the society at large. What people fail to realize is that there are various shades and mixtures of introverts and there are also people we call ambiverts.

Ambiverts are individuals who have both introverted and extroverted personalities in the right proportions. There are various reasons for this kind of personalities, one of which is that they have parents with exact opposite personalities. Possibly an introverted father marries an extroverted spouse. Ambiverts are not exactly many, this is because to be an ambivert both the extroverted and introverted personalities have to be in the right amount (50% introverted and 50% extroverted).This kind of personalities can fit perfectly to any behavioral role albeit in a limited way.

Introverts have various benefits and some downside, if you are an introvert you need to listen:

Introverts Benefits

  1. Introverts are less talkative and therefore listen more. There is a line of thought that there is a reason God gave us two ears and one mouth, I think an introvert adheres to such principle. This makes the introvert more sympathetic to their cause, because he understands what one is feeling and empathizes with one well, because an introvert listens more, they can hold a more meaningful conversation with one.
  1. Introverts are natural deep thinkers and because of these can can give detail and well analysed solution to one’s problem. They give various solutions to one problem creating room for another solution in case it fails
  1. They are hardy deceived. This is because generally introverts have trust issues that are why they have very few trusted friends and have close circle of friends. They create a shield around them that impedes any outsider to get through, so if you want to pass through such barriers, you need to have passed various trust tests. They have a very deciphering spirit and are extra careful in everything they do; this is because of the fear factor.
  1. Introverts are very independent personality. They rarely depend on people for physical and social needs. They love themselves a lot and enjoy staying alone most times
  1. They are artistic in nature. It may be in sciences, humanities or technology .They have the mental wherewithal to think outside the box to create something out of nothing.

Introverts Downside

  1. They are fearful in nature. This trait is one of their greatest undoing. it impedes them from doing more than they can do. They don’t take risk because of fear and as we know risk is need to make get strides because nothing is sure.
  2. They are moody. Introverts are very moody in nature and they have various degrees of mood swings. Sometimes they will be happy and behave like they want to fly and sometimes are are so sad that they sulk. Because of this mood, they are prone to depression and people often misunderstand them because of their unstable nature
  3. They are shrewd and can be stingy. Introverts are generally very calculative. They do not sow where they do not expect to reap. So if you are expecting freebies, you won’t get that from an introvert. This can also make them very stingy. it is very hard for you to get something free from an introvert without expecting to give something in return. This is because an introvert believes everything is useful so he does not want to waste things.

Without much ado, negative connotations about introverts should be discarded and people should get to know more about these individuals, because either introvert, extrovert or ambivert, you are useful to the society at large.

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