Who originated LOL? The Life Saving Acronym


I begin to wonder and decide to wander at the same time if by chance I can stumble on the originator of the acronymlol’ and reward him with a friendly pat on his back for keeping us alive till now. He has actually done an unprecedented job, he worths being celebrated.

This acronym is as old as social media itself. What actually imploded this write up in the first place? I had wondered how people via social media would have been communicating their laughter. Would it have been through emoji or recorded voice?

Using emoji would have been better either because it would have saved many souls from sudden failure. One might wonder why or how? Maybe you have never sat down and just think of laughter being in different forms and kinds. Some laughter would hit you like bomb; this kind of laughter can disrupt the existing peace of a whole community. It will land on you but won’t stop within you, every other persons in that vicinity are infected. It turns out to become laughing galore or laughing feast. Some would hit you like missile; this kind targets just one soul, and it will never miss hit. Some people would laugh and you will start looking for an exit route, thinking the witch you’ve just finished seeing in a nollywood movie has come for you. While some laughter do make dead bodies retake positions like army of soldiers on the battlefield. This kind of laughter can save a soul though, too much of dead will be among the living at the end.

If it was the Almighty that created lol, I’m using this medium to say a big thank you on behalf of my fellow human beings for creating a life saving acronym on our social media platform. And if it was the handwork of a man, indeed you are a genius, and I hope people will set a day aside for you to be remembered and celebrate.

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