Cultism: Stopping The Inferno from Destroying Youths?

Cultism is an association of people who are under an oath to support each other spiritually, physically and morally. Their admission, registrations and forms of worship are sacred. They have various signs and signals which they use to recognise each other wherever they see each other.


“Heard from the news few days ago about the gruesome murder of five supposed cultists in a university in the south-south region of the country. This made me reminisce my time at the University of Lagos. It was almost annually that students are wounded and killed a few weeks to the exam in what was suspected as a cult related attack.

Moreover, it annoys me that youths, who are supposed to be leaders tomorrow are virtually wasting their lives daily. This menace has become a cankerworm which has to be purged out to make our youths more useful to their parents and society.”

There are certain things that make an individual to join cultism:

1. Academic reasons: A good portion of students join cultism because of the need to excel academically. Most of them have very poor results, and in order to meet up with the good grade, join cultism because they know lecturers are also there and also even if the lecturer is not a cult, he can be intimidated to pass an initiate

2. Social reasons: Youths join sacred confraternities in order to gain prestige, fame, greatness and wealth.

3. Poverty: Lack of money can make an individual to go into cultism. This is one of the tricks most stale member used to initiate member, telling them they will be wealthy and rich.

Effects of Cultism among youths

1. First and foremost,it shortens the life of youths. Youths who engage in cultism are at risk of getting killed by rival cult members .That is why whenever you see cult members, they are always vigilant and always looking uneasy. They are fearful for their lives and their families. Also, cult members target family members of known cultist in order to get at them.

2. Youths grow up to be people with the wrong morals and social values. Most cultist engages in unscrupulous activities in the society which include, rape, armed robbery, thuggery and assassins.Most political assassinations are traced to cults.

3. Cultist is at the risk of being sent away from school. All higher institutions have very serious laws and regulations which forbid engaging in cults and unlawful association on and off campus. Any cultist who is apprehended will eventually be expelled from school. They are now left with the audacious mission to tell their parents, their acts.

4. Health problems: Cultist is prone to have health related issues. This is because most cultism indulges in the abusive usage of drugs like amphetamine, heroin and cocaine.

I hope you are following me with the cause of cultism and what effects it has on the youths, is there a way out? Can a cult member be saved from this self-destruction he is embarking upon? The answer is yes!

Ways to go about it

1. Charity it is said; begins at home. Parents have a lot of roles to play in curbing the rate at which cultism is ravaging our societies.

2. Parents need to know that there is more to upbringing a child than money. Most parents waste too much of their time chasing money, leaving their siblings at home to maids.

3. Capital laws should be enacted in any form of cultism in the society. Anybody found of cultism should be made to face the full wrath of the law accordingly. Cultist doesn’t deserve to be pampered or treated with levity, they must be made to face the full wrath of the law.

4. The government needs to create enough awareness like it did when HIV/AIDS was on a rampage. People that have gotten out of cultism should be encouraged to speak out against this menace.

In conclusion, I am speaking to you today to have a change of heart. Cultism is bad and it is not the way to go. Everyone have various problems he or she is facing, but we shouldn’t throw away the baby with the bathwater. We should not cut the face to spite the eye. You can be free from cultism. All you need to do is to believe, have faith, persevere and reach out to the necessary authorities. I believe you can do it, take that step today, it’s worth it!

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