First Child; Who Really Owns These Children?

First child

I as an individual am not a religion fanatic, and I do not dogmatically follow the teachings and principles of a so called religion or culture in a way to please God or serve humanity. I advocate for good and preach justice, I frown against evil in the context of happenings in a given society.

The New World

There is no doubt man has created for himself a new world; a world of different outlook from its inception, a world that entices, a world of free will, a conscience-free world, a world of multiple strange occurrences, a world of dilemma where trust has since been lost. In this new world, man has chosen to live only by rules that suit his demands, no more, no less.

First Child

According to the teachings of the two most popular religions on earth, Islam and Christianity, humans are created in pairs for the purpose of consummating. Holy matrimony is effected for the purpose of procreation, this is in line with God’s injunction. While procreating, there must always be the first child. The second, third, fourth downward are simply down lines that may or may never occur in a holy matrimony. But in reality, who owns the first child?

It is not as if the first child has no father, neither have I accused the wife of immorality or misconduct in her marital affair, but the process of having the first child calls for questioning and scrutiny. How many ladies of nowadays remained virgin until their wedding night? How many men of the present world gave their fiances the opportunity to remain untouched before joining their hands in marriage? Then who owns the first child?


Most often, the first child occurs from the consummation outside wedlock. During this process, how much trust do we imbibe in our partner? How inclined is the lover towards the love affair? How assured are we that the affair would lead to marriage? On the other way round, ladies of nowadays even find it difficult to settle down with a man until they are advised by the medical practitioners that aborting pregnancy at that stage is very risky, then the search of the ‘responsible’ man begins.

Who to blame?

Resting the blame on a party might be too acrimonious, they both share the guilt. But sharing the blame equally either might not be justice enough, the lady should settle for the lion share. Out of her being desperate and not ready to lose out, she decides to settle down with a man who is not responsible for the pregnancy. He nurtures the pregnancy till child birth, and thinks he has a child. This trend has occurred in many matrimonial homes and still ongoing, no wonder the father keeps wondering at a point in the child’s life, whether he is the biological father or not. But who in reality owns the first child?


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