House helps: The Gains and Pains of Hiring Maids

House helps are male or female domestic staffs, who are employed to take care of  homes.

house helps

Some  people employ house helps to help with cooking and cleaning without necessarily doing any other duties. Now, there is a big difference between employing someone to do a job and using a family of yours to do the same. We have trained maids and people who are just basically looking for paid employment, that’s why they are into maid services. This article is helpful because of  the surge in domestic violence.

Just read a news  online, where  one  was caught on camera giving  kids food scraps from the floor. Imagine, how could  someone who was employed to assist and provide  care for the home, be putting the lives of  children in danger?

House helps are employed because some parents have very busy work schedules and they cannot spare enough time for their family. Sometimes, both parents are very busy, therefore they  require the help for their families at home especially..

House helps are also hired because  some are cheap laborers. Some families do not want to exert unnecessary energy, they employ maids and give them  jobs to do.

Although,some families don’t really need house helps.When such people are pressured for jobs from known acquaintance , they give in by employing such individuals and  in return pay a token for the service.

Benefits of hiring house helps

1. House helps make good companions.
2. House helps make sure the house is clean always. Most of them do these with due diligence and some with little supervision.
3. House helps are in charge of the feeding of the house.As we know,food is very paramount , an hungry man is an angry man.They come handy in this case.
4. House helps are useful in task modulation.Employers delegate certain task to their maids and face their jobs and passions.

Disadvantages of hiring house helps

1. Some house helps are thieves. Hence, they are always looking for ways to pilfer household items.Employers of maid should always be vigilant.
2.Life they say cannot be replaced.One who employs a house help puts his or or life in the maids hand. If your maid is in charge of cooking ,please watch and pray.
3.Most professional maids are also a financial burden.burden. They do not come cheap.It is  drain on ones financial purse.
4. Some house helps inhibit bad habits, which they may  transfer  to your children.As a parent,be watchful.

Now that you have seen both the pros and cons of hiring a house help, what should you do next? Two things comes to mind, if your plan is to hire one:

Firstly, you need to do a thorough background investigation on any house help you want to employ. This will give you useful data and information on the person you want to bring into your life and your families. Be discreet about this and detailed.

In addition, you have to be watchful, vigilant and careful. It is also advisable(if you can afford it) to get a CCTV camera at the corners of your house for surveillance purposes.This helps the parent to be kept abreast of  happenings in his domain


In conclusion, getting house helps to fill our inadequacies is a good idea, but are we ready to accept the baggage that comes with it? Sometimes , the easy way is not always the safest way, let us be wise!!!

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