LOSS ISLAND; How to Survive [Jennifer’s Dairy]

Loss Island? Have you opened up your search engine already to verify the location of this Loss Island? Have you been racking your brain to figure out the continent of the Loss Island? Well, you might have been there before.

loss island

Have you ever been to a welcome back party thrown for a rich kid living in Lekki or probably VI? There are categories of people who you’d meet: the spoilt brats, the narcissist, the ones who bore you with stories of all their achievements, the well-travelled pack and of course the wannabe’s. They just have to fit in.

You sit beside them and they tell you tales of how they enjoyed sun bathing in London when they never had an idea that the said period was winter, how much they love Seychelles. Then you’d be a bit curious and ask. “Have you been to Los Banos, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Los Teques, Los Mochis”. All you would get will be nods in the affirmative and a little not-so-true gibberish about those supposed places especially when you are dealing with the not-so-smart wannabe.

Then you should pop up the question. “Have you been to Loss Island before?” If your wannabe happens to be female, she would probably roll her eyes and start connecting her lying nerves to string a story.

If you want to send those eyes balls hidden behind the mascara smeared eye lashes popping tell her about Loss Island. You will surely soak her lying tongue in shame. I am sure you have been there.

The Loss Island

The Loss Island is a place where the things get lost or missing. A place where currencies wear suits and take a trip or go AWOL (Away without leave), where budgets think it wise to go for sightseeing at the top of Kilimanjaro, where little girls disappear into thin air or where the moon is kidnapped by the BH boys.

The rate at which things get lost or missing in this country is alarming. I won’t be surprised if one day, our beloved third mainland bridge disappears. So in the midst of the Lossamania or Missamania, don’t lose your peace of mind in order to survive on Loss Island.

The daily events happening on Loss Island is enough to make you want to lose your mind.

Don’t go looking for an air-tight jar to store it. Just do this:

1.  Learn to trust yourself: Believe in yourself that no matter the condition of your geographical location. You will pull through the economic recession and other challenges can’t pull you down.

2. Learn from the happenings around you: Once bitten,twice shy. Learn lessons so you don’t get lost in Loss Island again.

3.  Ease your expectations: Life is under no obligation to give you exactly what you expect. Don’t lose the silver lining because you were expecting gold.

5.  Use hope to drive positive action: Only in the dark can you see the stars.  The stars are hope.  Look for them.

6. Be a humour hunter: Always find humour in every situation. It administers a chill pill to the heart. Music helps you to relax; you could make good use of it.

A peaceful mind gives rise to a peaceful body and Life.

#DontWorryBeHappy #HakunaMatata


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