The problem with Mr. X; Do Not Drown Your Real Identity


“You mean you won’t be in the English department again? But why?” she pouted her lips, her eyes ready to spill tears.

“I want to be like her. She is doing well in both the English and Mathematics department. I just have to be like her”, he insisted.

“I’d prefer you to stay”, she insisted.

“No! I have my mind made up. If she can be doing well in both departments then I must be too, I must be like her”, he rattled.

“You don’t have to compete with her to be unique”, she persuaded him.

“Uhhuh? Who even asked for your opinion? I will do as it pleases me”, he snarled and walked out on her.

4x – 3y = 25
–3x + 8y = 10

And Mr X still remains missing!

He keeps appearing in equations, he keeps chasing Miss Y when we read the alphabets but he never gets close. He never gets a chance. Mr X continues to be marked as a missing fellow. Professors, scholars and even students have kept seeking answers to WHAT IS X? Bad news! No one has a clue. Trying to be someone else keeps you moving in circles and never getting to your destination.

Laughs, that is what happens when you want a forced or fake identity. Feel good about being in your own skin.
Abraham Lincoln says “Whatever you are, be a good one”

He knew the importance of one maintaining his own identity.

There can never be another you. So you lose yourself to find an alien. You lose your precious self to become someone else, that’s madness. If you feel you need a change, just upgrade yourself and be the best version of you.

I am sharing tips to prevent you from ending up like Mr. X

Grab a notepad, pen them down and thank me later.

  1. Embrace change as a growth opportunity: Change, sorry! Positive change o! Not the broom wielding change o is an opportunity to learn new things and grow. Embrace it.
  2. Blind fold negative energy and push her into a ditch: Negative energy saps all the goodness in you. It sucks your hope and excrete it into the deepest pit. So grab negative energy by her two tiny legs and hurl her into a ditch.
  3. Have jolly good fellows around you: I don’t mean a bunch of alcoholics on a drinking spree. Have good mentors and wise people who are willing to help you carve out the best and genuine version of yourself.
  4. Dedicate your life to what you love and believe in yourself.

5.Use the IPMAS formula: That formula says that ‘Imperfect People Make Amazing Success’. The high school drop outs Bill gates and Richard Branson made it to the finish line even Michael Jordan who failed a couple of times. So when you fall, pick yourself up.

The world awaits you and you can’t keep them waiting. Go into your closet, pick your super hero costume and show them the best genuine version of you.

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