TALENT; Not Enough to be Successful in Life

Talent can be defined as when an individual posses exceptional intelligence and brilliance in a chosen field.


Talent can also mean when one is impressively gifted in certain abilities. When an individual is pronounced gifted, that person is said to  possess great natural ability and intellectual intelligence .Talent and gift also have various degrees. While some are obviously more brilliant than others ,others are way  too gifted to be categorized. These types of people are called genius and are very rare, It is said that, we are  blessed with these type of individuals once in generation.

Talent Vs Success: Case Study

“I ran into an old friend of mine yesterday on my way to the mall. We caught up on old times and we asked after each other. I asked him about his present job and he replied that he is currently teaching. When I inquired further about his salary, he told me he earns 18,000 naira. This is an extremely brilliant individual who was undoubtedly the most intelligent individual in his class with several awards to show for it. He was the third  overall best student in his faculty, barely missing first class by 0.02 GPA.What could have gone wrong with this obviously talented and gifted individual?”

Why some people have talent

  1. Genetics: Individuals  are with talent mainly because of their genetic coloration and mutation. A  gifted Parent will likely give birth to a gifted child because of their strong and unique genes. It is not man-made; it is just natural.
  2. Nurturing: While it is basically about having a special gene,  it is also important for such individuals to be nurtured,  for them to achieve optimal mastering of the talent. We have heard cases of people who are gifted, but because they lack proper nurturing and training,they lose the gift.

Signs showing your talent and gift

  1. You always think ahead of others. An individual who does not think  of today but thinks of tomorrow and its consequences is  ahead of his peers. That is why most problems solvers are  thought to have talent. They do not think of instant gratification, but of the consequences their action or inaction will have on situations.
  2. Individuals with talent don’t like taking risk. They are planners and are steady with their work. When an individual is constantly fearful of  things that may or may not happen, it means he is cautious and wise.
  3. When you have only a small circle of friends and confidants you trust,its means you have talent.
  4. When an individual posses very strong values and convictions, it means he is intelligent. In this morally decadent society,  an individual that can uphold  a principle and stand by it, in the face  of various intimidating obstacles, that individual has talent.
  5. When you are inquisitive and and eager to learn.It means you are constantly in search of knowledge. . He  is not afraid to ask questions about things that eludes him.He is  always thirsty for knowledge and wisdom. Even when he knows something, he wants to know more. Does this sound like you?

When you discover you have have talent, what you should do?

  1. Accept that there is nothing wrong with you. Most talented individual are scared of their gifts.That is  why most people who patronize shrinks and psychologist are individuals who are gifted but have not come in terms with the reality.
  2. Do not be arrogant. Be nice to people and you will always get recommendations.
  3. Do not use your talent to do evil. Use your talents for good and leave a legacy that your offspring will be proud of.

After all said and done, yes, you have talent, yes ,you are brilliant, but you need to;

Include certain norms to succeed in life, they are:

  1. Connection: You need to move with the right people in the society to be a success. You might have talent,be brilliant and intelligent ,but experience taught us never to walk alone.The world is not ruled by intelligent men, it is ruled by men who know people in high places.
  2. Hardworking: You obviously need to work hard and be steadfast in whatever you are doing. Yes, you may be born great, but if you are idle and refuse to make adequate preparing and take actions, your gift will be  dormant and useless.
  3. Flexibility: Most talented people that I have come across are very difficult people. They are  strong-headed, rigid and principled.  It is an herculean task to convince them on an issue. This life is ying-yang, give and take, there are certain things you need to soft pedal on, to allow peace to reign, what shall it profit you to be true to your convictions but be isolated from the society?
  4. Marketable: People with talent should learn to market themselves. Most of them don’t know how to do sell their gifts. The earth is a big market place with various personalities and to forge ahead you need to meet people on a daily basis and let them in on what you can do.
  5. Positive attitude: People need to learn how to have a positive outlook to life. There will be disappointments, people will malign and ridicule you. It lies on you, not to give up in the face of all these impediments.

In conclusion, I leave you with this proverb; “Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men, or they are no better than dreams” as quoted from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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