Procrastination; Slow Killing Habit!!!

Procrastination is a disease of the mind that kills slowly like cancer. It cripples you until you are at that point of no return.


Procrastination is like credit card, it’s fun using it until the bill comes.

I remember an incident that happened some years back that changed my mindset on the issue of procrastination. Few years ago when I was in my 2nd year in school, I was one of those that loved writing my assignments late, I write them a day before the deadline because I believed there was google and I could get the answers to my assignments in just one click.

This fateful day, my sorry-mind thought I still had an extra day for my assignment, I never knew that the assignment was to be submitted that day and the lecturer that had the assignment was a strict man and it had to be submitted that morning after his lectures.

I gladly went to class that morning and heard that the deadline was that day as a smart girl I thought I was, I took my friend’s assignment and downloaded everything she wrote word for word, I told myself it was business as usual, lecturers don’t read assignments. I thought to myself, who has so much time to go through hundreds of assignment in this 21st century.

In my mind, I had won but it never ended there, few days later, the lecturer summoned my friend and I through our Course representative, we got to his office and BOOM!!! It happened, we had been caught, he asked who had the work originally, we refused to talk, he threatened us with an F, I had to confess to save the soul of my innocent friend, you wouldn’t like to know what happened afterall.

The lecturer strictness made sure I got nothing for my continuous assessment and he made sure I failed his exam. Procrastination cost me a carryover and I learnt my lessons afterwards.

Procrastination kills slowly, time actually waits for no man, it ticks every second, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock and if you don’t make proper use of it, you could end up like me, you might not have a carryover, you could lose your job or lose something dear to you.

Learn from the past and make it right.

Practical Steps that helped me defeat procrastination

Make a Timetable: Yes, you need a timetable if you would want to defeat procrastination, it might seem hard and impossible but that’s the best thing that could help you. It looked impossible for me too but I knew I had to fight this cancer eating me up, so I consciously made attempt to adapt to my timetable and with time, it became part of my life.

Time Conscious: Have a time piece by your side at all times. Thanks to technology, our phones are always handy, make conscious effort to check the time; it helps keep you in check. For instance, because I consciously check my time piece, whenever I have a meeting, I start preparing an hour before the time so I wouldn’t be late. Try it out, it would help.

Always use a Reminder: A reminder would help keep you in check. You could have a writing pad where you pen down important events of the day and always make conscious effort to revisit the writing pad to help you remember or you could use your phone reminder, it beeps and reminds you of a certain thing you ought to do.

Be Willing: Where there is a will, there is always a way, if you are willing to overcome procrastination in your life, then you would consciously fight it because it’s a disease of the mind and also try to always keep yourself in check.

These are what I put into use to defeat procrastination before it could kill me totally. I sincerely hope you don’t get caught up in its snare forever. Have a nice day

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