SUCCESS PATH; Give Yourself The Chance

Success path

Success Path!

Everyone has got a tale to tell, be it tragedy or farce. We have all come to this world to play an act, to take a role of a script we never saw nor practice. Life is in chapters, we flip from one to the other in order to accomplish a mission we did not know how it was set. Having an idea of what the mission is all about is not as important as executing it, executing is not as valuable as attaining a grand success.

A specific path has not been set to attaining a grand success, different roads lead to it. Each and every person has his or her own definition of success depending on what he or she has chosen to be. There is always an aim of academic success for an academic, an entrepreneur will aim at being the most successful in his line of investment, a business tycoon would always focus on expanding his business chain, a sportsman would work tirelessly to reach the summit of his career, a politician would keep building his portfolio until he gets to the highest political office; all these are in the name of achieving success.

The path to success in any chosen career has not promised to be smooth, one needs extra effort to work things out before becoming the very best in that chosen field. I have learnt that the great men that have lived think while the whole world is asleep. I have discovered that people that are ruling the world started their walk where others stop. I got to realise that the most influential sets of people on earth do put an extra in their effort. I read that successful men failed several times before success was accomplished. I have understood that brain of man functions the very way he wants it.

There is always a room for depression when things refuse to go as planned, the basic idea is not to be weighed down by it. This path is tough and rough, it needs motivation and commitment. The outside world is waiting to mock you if you fail, the more reason you have to be focused. This same set of human would laud you with praises when you succeed.

On the end note, never look down on yourself, do not underestimate your potential, give yourself a chance, give it a shot, do not make your ideas fallow, broaden your knowledge on the concept you admire, be prayerful, do not quit, your success is unprecedented.

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