Wake Up; You Are Called to Live a Life of Yours

wake up

Wake up my friend and live!

Has this world ever promised anyone to be sweet from the beginning to the end?

Life they say is not a bed full of roses, thorns are always attached.

Have you been deceived by anyone that you will live a life free of calamities?

Who told you that you will always sleep at night with filled stomach?

Who ascertained you that you will enjoy a rollercoaster from the beginning till the end?

Who signed a contract of lifetime of happiness and enjoyment with you?

Who told you that you won’t face trials and tribulations?

Who said you won’t be jilted by your loved ones?

Who guaranteed that your heart will never be shattered?

Wake up my friend and live!

You lost a relationship and you feel that is the end of the world.

You start having the same sense of judgement for all ladies that come your way.

You feel none is real.

My brother, wake up and face reality.

We haven’t come to this world with same destiny,

Get it right that your fate is always at work.

For the sin of one, you decide to treat all unfairly and unjustly,

who knows if your next victim is your destined wife?

Do not always play tit for tat,

know that what will always be will definitely be.

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