Blackbox Insurance: Pay Less on your Car Insurance

Blackbox Insurance? Ever pondered on what type of insurance this is? And whether it could help you to bring down your car insurance premiums?

blackbox insurance

What is blackbox insurance?

Blackbox insurance or telematics car insurance screens driving style, records conduct, and rewards careful drivers with lower premiums.

Blackbox insurance includes a blackbox being fitted to your vehicle which utilizes satellite innovation to evaluate speed, braking, increasing speed, cornering and the season of day voyages are made. Some blackbox insurance strategies additionally work a check in time with an overabundance premium charged if the car is utilized amid risky evening time hours.

Insurer Result

The data is transmitted to the insurance provider by GPS and the company can tell how likely a driver is to make a claim.

Advantages of Blackbox

Blackbox car insurance can be worthwhile for youthful drivers who seemingly find it hard to find cheap cover than experienced drivers. This is on the grounds that insurers work out policy costs as per factual risk, with numerous insurance companies considering young drivers too high of a risk.

As blackbox works by recording driver behaviour, costs of cover can precisely apply to a motorist’s exact profile. This means safer drivers can pay less for their cover – although you may have to wait for a year to benefit.

With a blackbox insurance policy, a young driver can avoid the high initial one-off fee that you would pay for standard cover. While there may be a deposit to pay for the black box, this will come nowhere near close to conventional fees.

Disadvantage if Blackbox

Be advised not to assume blackbox will always be cheaper, that’s why you need to make research. Novice car owners should be aware that some policies will cost more than traditional cover.

Drivers who have a higher annual mileage could end up paying more than they would for an ordinary policy.

In addition, drivers who have active cheapest premiums, such as middle-aged motorists with good driving records and full no-claims bonuses, are very unlikely to find blackbox cheaper than their conventional cover.


In conclusion, when you are buying any car insurance policy you need to do your research by making comparison.

Fastest and easy way to compare prices across the market, and to see if you can make a saving by opting for a blackbox insurance, is by using a price comparison service. In just a few clicks, you can find cheap car insurance quotes.

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