Car Business: The Money Stream from Driving

Car business is a countable source of income by using your car as a means of transport for public use. The car is a valuable asset through diverse ways. You have to make use of the car as a way of investment to generate funds. This topic covers ways to earn a reasonable income from car business to help your finance.

car business

Car Business: Consider Lyft or Uber

You can earn extra income by driving for lyft or Uber. This method is similar to driving taxi, although, it is a little more advance than that. According to Lyft, you can earn $35 dollars per hour. While for Uber, an average drivers earn around $20 dollars per hour.

You have to also consider that this prices will increase depending on the vicinity. Individuals patrolling cities like New York and California can make up to $100,000 a year; excluding insurance and gas of course.

To work full time or part time for these companies, you will need to fulfill some basic criteria. You

  1. A clean driving record
  2. Up to date insurance
  3. Smart phone
  4. A very good car
  5. Driving license

Registering for these companies is easy and swift, therefore you can tap into this business

Car Leasing

Renting your car out may not be bad for car business. Especially if you are considering leaving town for a few months. You can lease it to someone who is ready to pay the bills. Its also good to lease to people who want to use it in a video shoot.

Give or take, you can earn up to $15,000 a year leasing your care when you are not using it. You have to be careful of the people you lease out your car to. This is for security purpose of not running the risk of theft. You have to get necessary information and details before renting out your precious car.

Delivery Job

You can sign up for courier or pickup services like Doordash, Taskrabbit or Postmates. There you will accept jobs at your convenience and pick up items for safe delivery in your locality.

Carpooling services

Charging for carpooling services is also a way to make money from car business. You have to look for people who will not mind you carrying them to work every day. Its also good if you can get parents who will not mind you taking their kids to school.

You can do these by billing each rider for gas to a place you are going  anyway. By doing this you will pay for gas and have a small change for tea. You can also offer family and friends the chance to pick and drop them off at airports and seaports. This will limit the strain they will go through if they have to board a taxi. And of course your prices will be cheaper and pleasant. In doing this service though, you have to keep to time.

Driving Tutorials

If you have the chance, you should consider taking driving lessons. This kind of car business require you get insurance and a permit from the necessary authorities. You will also have to adjust your vehicles to be safer for young drivers.


In conclusion, the extra cash that comes in from car business covers a lot of stress and bills. Also, it is a job you can opt out any time. It might be due to your health or you are not deriving joy.

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