Credit Card Payment: Avoid Paying for These Things

Credit card payment is arguably the quickest and fasted means of making payment from the comfort of your home. However, we should thread softly about the kinds of things we make use of credit card payment option.

credit card payment

When making use of credit card payment, we really need to put ourselves under check. This is so because there are huge fees we can incur, if we keep paying for everything with our credit cards. One might also find it difficult to get out debts if he should continue to spend with his card lavishly.

When to avoid Credit Card Payment

Cash Advance

Cash advances are short term loans which we borrow to pay our credit card accounts. We use this cash advance against our accounts. One should avoid taking cash advances if it is bearable. If one refuses to take caution and continue to take a cash advance, one will continue to incur high fees and interest rates.

The APR labeled on a cash advance is greater than a purchase APR. A percent scenario is when you have a card that charges you on a purchase APR of 12%, but if we look critically the APR on a cash advance will be three times the latter. This is the reason why notable experts on finance discourage people from getting a cash advance. In case of emergency situations, one may apply for such advances, but it should be minimal.

Payments on Mortgage

It is not a good idea to make payment on mortgage using credit card payment. The reasons are not far-fetched; firstly, some mortgage companies may not let you to make credit card payment. Even, the companies that allow will still rip you off by charging extra fees for any amount paid using credit card payment. Let us even say you succeed in making payments with your credit card, without a third part company. It is still not advised, especially if you are not planning on paying off the balance of your credit card.

Out of control indulgences

It is apparent that one will be happy to whip out his or her credit card at any convenient time to pay for purchases. Credit card payment on things like coffee payment, taxi payments and the likes are very enticing. This happens sometimes because of the façade of bonuses promised by the credit card companies if you use them frequently. Do not be naive, you are being pushed to do things that will be out of your control.

When you swipe your card at every time, your debt increases and paying back becomes very hard. At the end of the day, after taking account of your expenses, you will now be wondering why you buy certain things.

Health Bills

There are times when one does not have much at hand and tends to pay for his medical bills, it might be tempting to use credit card payment. This is one of the worst things one can do as health bills are quite dear. Hence, paying for it will attract high interest rate, which will add to your huge accumulated debt. In a situation you must pay for a compulsory medical bill, kindly ask for the hospital financial officer and request for plans which you can pay off the bills gradually.


In conclusion, use credit cards only when necessary and not for show-off, it is never a good thing to run into debt while paying off debt.

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