Funds Management Tools Online, includes CapitalOne360

Funds Management tools provide fund managers with rich, end-to-end functionality and the desired capability to streamline their fund management operations

funds management tools

Why Funds Management Tools

There is a an extent the human mind can process information and there is a limit to what we can do. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of online platforms and tools necessary to manage our money online.

Functions of Funds management tools

Funds management tools will help us with our investments, equities, mortgage and money. These tools cover areas such as credit and debit, retirement plans, real estate business, budgeting and tax payments.

This list is in no way exhaustive, has there are numerous resources online, these are certainly among the best.


Morningstar is one of free funds management tools online that deals with research, mutual money and ETFs. It also has a tracking system that can analyze various itinerary in terms of asset, cost and taxes. You can also upgrade to the premium platform, where additional in-depth report on your investments will be given.

Personal capital

It is a free tool that also provides a better way in tracking your investments. This resource also helps in linking all your accounts that can be taxed like 401K and IRA. It is in possessing of real-time tracking systems and offers graphs charts and diagrams on performance.


Individuals who are interested in trading in bonds, stocks and ETFs are advised to use this tool. It is very easy to use and cheap, yes ,I mean very cheap. One of the numerous benefits of scottrade is the opportunity to visit their office and clear all misunderstandings and technicalities.


Vanguard is also a free online resource that helps in managing investments. It grants users an ease to use platform. When it comes to minimal stock fund, it is unrivaled

Capital One 360

I often use this tool frequently for my investments. The company is huge and has lots of branches nationwide. They offer huge competitive rates on interest. It also has a user friendly online platform.


It is a tool that is very budget-friendly tool for users. This platform has video tutorials where you can vividly see how to use their site and manage investments. Various tips on budget management are also suggested to interested parties.

Annual Credit report

This tool can be used smartly to get a total free credit report. This resource does not give credit score ,but it made-up for that by giving an error-free report and appraisals.


Zillion helps you search easily for properties that are available. It is recommended for those interested in real estate business. There are virtually a number of listings which are coupled with pictures and adequate details.


Havenlife offers interested people quotes freely for life insurance policy. Everybody should be interested in life insurance, because it is of paramount use to us all. Most of havenlife policy can be issued with any report gotten from a medical practitioner.


Here are some of the available free online tools which are necessary to manage investments. Individual should tap into the available knowledge of wealth they proffer. In conclusion, everyone should make sure it uses the resource that best suits him or her.

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