Insurance plus Marriage: How Your Insurance Needs Changes

Insurance plus marriage can certainly take some time to getting used to.

Insurance plus Marriage

Getting married will change numerous things in our lives. You will likely invest a great deal of energy, exertion and cash while getting ready for your wedding. Also, significant additional time, exertion and cash will be spent on setting up your new family. Joining two lives into a one is most likely going to take some time.

Also, insurance plus marriage can counter when your insurance requirements differ. Remember that insurance is the foundation of a secure personal financial setting. And it should be one of the first things you should cross check whenever there are major changes in your life.

Here are some ways that your married life can affect your insurance needs;

Life Insurance plus Marriage

It is common among young, single and childless people to overlook or totally neglect life insurance. After all, with nobody relying on them, there’s little requirement for them to give money related assets to another person when they die. But, when you get married, you will probably need to get life insurance policy. This will ensure your spouse or kids are protected.

Employer Provided Life Insurance

You may have life insurance provided through your employer. Some employees are automatically given a policy as an additional benefit by their employer. But the package coverage amount is usually a 100% or 200% of their annual salary. When you get married, this amount may become inadequate. As you are finalizing your marriage, review any employer provided policies and reassess your overall needs.

Health Insurance plus Marriage

Once you’re married, you’ll likely have the opportunity to merge your spouse’s health insurance. Depending on the terms of your individual policies (if you both had). And you may find that you will jointly save you significant amount of money by having a single policy.

Other Insurance Policies

Likewise, with respect to policies such as car insurance, you may find that as a married couple you can spend less by taking out a single policy rather than insuring your cars on separate policies.

Beneficiary Designations

You may want to add your spouse as a beneficiary to any insurance policies that have a provision for benefits. You’ll need to make this consideration not just for life insurance, but also things like your investment and retirement accounts.


In conclusion, making changes to your insurance policies when you get married is a joint activity. Therefore, both of you will need to devote the proper time and attention to it. Maintain clear and honest channels of communication with your spouse. So as to be sure about making the right decisions for the family.

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