Personal Blogging Money: Making Fast And Cool Cash From Blogging

Like I stated earlier in my previous post, you do not have to be a tech geek to know how to make money online. Having a personal blog will allow you to make money. Here are tips to making that personal blogging money.

Personal blogging money

Personal Blogging Money: Making Money Through Adverts

Advertisement is one of the first lucrative ways bloggers can start making money. This is not different from the way newspapers or magazines sell ads. Furthermore, when your traffic and brand goes you will find advertisers who I’ll be willing to pay for the platform of your audience. Thus you need a good traffic to be able to attract brands who are willing to advertise on your brand. There are several ad networks asides Google Adsense that act as a middleman and allows small publishers to run ads on their blogs.

Personal Blogging Money: Affiliate Income

An affiliate income is simply when you link to a product which is for sale on another site and someone follows the link. If the person ends up buying the product, you end up getting a commission on that sale. Also, according to ProBlogger’s recent reader’s survey, found out that affiliate promotion was the most common amongst bloggers and readers. Also, online events or summits are getting more popular. People tend to pay for these things especially when it is considered beneficial to them.

Personal Blogging Money: The Recurring Income

A new developing category of income where more and more bloggers are making money is called the recurring income streams (other times referred as continuity or membership programs). Her, th readers pay a particular constant amount like a subscription (usually monthly or yearly basis) for access to a community area, premium content, tools, coaching, some kind or service, etc.

Personal Blogging Money: Using your blog to Promote a Business

This is another smart way of making money from your big. You can begin to promote businesses in your blog and put up a price list for people who are interested. Many blogs can use this to also boost their blog profile and bring in really good traffic. Also, another way is offering services to their readers. This may be anything. It includes writing, coaching, consulting, designing, copywriting, etc. so far it falls under the category of any freelance service.

Personal Blogging Money: Products

While a lot of blogger so Aden only through advertising and affiliate income, others made money through eBooks and courses. These products, although demanding is very lucrative.  Also, the opposite of this is called physical products. This is mostly common amongst bloggers who use their blogs for business ornate as a business. Some bloggers take this opportunity and start to sell branded products.

Own a blog

This is the most important. In fact, without having a blog, there is no way you can make money out of it. Thus, you need to have a blog first. Again, you also need to understand that it is not just about owning a blog. Every successful blogger today has been successful because of their contents. Make sure that you write good contents and be consistent in it. Finally, what pays the most is being smart and hardworking. Be sure to place in all of your determination on your blog and guess what? You’re good to go!

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