Aloe Vera: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects Detailed

Aloe vera is a stemmed plant widely recognized for its medicinal benefits. It is popularly known as “wonder plant” .It stores liquefied water in its leaves. The plant contains a translucent gel and has a very bitter taste.

aloe vera

Where can it be found?

Africa is known to have enormous reserves of the aloe Vera plant. It has also be known that Arab countries like Yemen and Egypt have natural aloe vera.It can be grown in a warm climate and fertile soil.

Health benefits of Aloe Vera

  1. This gel  cures rashes and burns.
  2. It helps in healing herpes and various sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. The Vera solutions removes scars and stretch marks.
  4. It is used to cure Eczema.
  5. It aids in decreasing pigmentation and black spots on the body.
  6. The gel helps in treating female vaginal infections
  7. Gastrointestinal disorders are relieved when we drink the juice.
  8. It is prescribed by medical practitioners for his laxative benefits.
  9. Ingesting the gel aids in lowering blood sugar levels. This is good news for diabetic patients.
  10. When you boil the leaves, inhale the steam vapor to alleviate asthma.
  11. Drinking the juice can help in treating ulcers, colitis and prostate problems.
  12. It is used for dandruff treatment.
  13. It has a lot of weight loss potential.
  14. When you mouthwash with the gel, it is good to relieve dental aches and general tooth diseases.
  15. It helps prevent wrinkles and slow down ageing.

Side effects of the plants

  1. It contains a laxative known as anthraquinone .when taken in large quantities causes’ diarrhea.
  2. Itches, rashes and swollen skin can occur due to individual allergic reactions
  3. Due to its purgative elements, pregnant women and those breast feeding should avoid it.
  4. Dehydration occurs when we take unprocessed aloe Vera plant.
  5. Prolong use cause pseudomelanosis coli.
  6. Taking an overdose of the juice leads to kidney damage.

How to prepare the mixture

  1. Pluck the leaves closer to the ground. These ones are mature.
  2. Don’t keep the leaf you cut in the sunlight. Keep it away from sunlight otherwise iy will lose its nutrients.
  3. Wash the plucked leaves well with plenty water.
  4. Use a sharp knife to remove the spikes.
  5. After successfully doing that without getting hurt. Kindly remove the gel inside the leaf.
  6. Put the extracted gel inside the blender and blend till its smooth.
  7. Mix with various beverages like tea or use honey, sugar and juice for proper results.

When to use it

  1. It is highly recommended you drink aloe Vera solution early in the morning before going to work.
  2. Make sure you drink the aloe Vera solution 30 minutes before taking meals. Avoid taking the solution on an empty stomach.
  3. Please avoid giving infants the mixtures in the evening. Doing so will not allow them to sleep,
  4. It is advisable to drink just a tea cup of mixtures per day. This depends on the type of health challenges you are using it for.

Finally, if Aloe Vera mixtures have been beneficial to you in a way, other than the one mentioned, kindly let us know. Let us also know the side effects noticed when the solutions is used.

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