DEPRESSION; Worry about being Worried, way out!

Depression can simply be said to be an emotional and psychological disorder. We have various types of depressed state of mind.


“I just got off the phone with an old coursemate in school, he was pretty down, when I probed further, and he told me a friend of his committed suicide. He further narrated how this friend of his had become depressed since last semester result were pasted and it show he had six carryover courses ,there he would not graduate with his mates latter in the year. His friend was really sad about this turn of events and had withdrawn to himself, but most of his friends though he will get out sooner little did they know he was contemplating suicide. They just woke up to the news that he hanged himself his room, after writing a note on how he has failed himself and family. My course mate was really sad. Is a bad result enough to cause one to commit suicide, the answer is no, but then that is the amount of power a depressed state of mind has.”

Being depressed can simply be said to be an emotional and psychological disorder. We have various types of depressions, depending on the degree in which the depression occurs. Notable among these kind of depressions are Dysthymia; clinical depression, Dysphoric disorder; medical depression, Major depression and major depression disorder.

Depression does not go away easily, and there are various signs you can see that will notify you.

Signs of depression in an individual

  1. An individual feels there is not hope for him and that he is doomed
  2. An individual does not seem to be able to concentrate on any particular task
  3. An individual is always having bad, hateful and negative thought patterns
  4. An individual suddenly becomes short-tempered and ill-tempered, and that is unlike him
  5. An individual engages in daring behavioural patterns, not caring about his safety or well-being
  6. An individual suddenly begins to have persistent migraine and headaches

When an individual see these signs, he should be careful, but then there are certain reason why depression creeps into one’s life.

Reasons that can induce Depression

  1. The death of a loved one is one of the major reasons why people get depressed daily. This occurs because humans are naturally emotionally connected to individual they have attachment for which most likely will be family members, close friends and well-wishers. That is why it is not a new thing during burial ceremony when you see people shedding uncontrollable tears because they know they won’t see their beloved again.
  2. Failure in certain tasks or endeavors can make one be depressed. Like the story I shared earlier about the student who took his life simply because he failed in school. Parents put great trust ion their siblings to succeed in life, but when such kid fail to perform as expected, such children will believe they have disappointed their parents and will feel depressed which may let take their life.
  3. Behavioural patterns and personalities may also be the reason why an individual is depressed. Introverts especially melancholic and phlegmatic are guilty of this. Individuals with these personalities need to work on themselves to avoid such scenarios
  4. We also have certain drugs that have an adverse effect like depression, drugs such as corticosteroids and interferon-alpha has been found to be a string inducer of depression. People who use these drugs should beware
  5. Drug abuse has been found to be a pivotal factor in depression. People who are hooked to amphetamines, heroin and cocaine have been found to be depressed after the usage and abuse of these drugs

Now, after knowing these signs and what can cause it, is there a way out for an individual with these symptoms?,the answer is yes!

Way out of a depressed mind

  1. If you are been diagnosed as medically depressed, you need to see a doctor and get immediate treatment. There are proven drugs that work against this disorder.
  2. You can also use psychotherapy and good counseling. This can be done by professionals like psychologist or medical practitioners who are verse in the act of counseling depressed individuals
  3. An individual should also talk to family and friends, it is said that a problem shared is a problem half-solved. Talk to people, let them know your situation, do not hide information, because doing so may endanger your life
  4. An individual with depression needs to sleep well. Enough rest is needed for an individual with depression so as to be able to clear the head .Sleep does a lot well than it’s been said.

After all said and done, my friends ,if you are feeling depressed or you know someone who is showing the symptoms of depression, you need to get working  now, it may lie on you to save a life today, will you do so?…I hope so.

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