DRUG ABUSE: The Menace Hampering the Lives of Youths

drug abuse

Drug abuse has been hampering the lives of youths across the globe. In the last decade, I have noticed that majority of youths all over the world have been consumed by the drugs. Apart from p0rn, the second evil vile, youths engage now is drugs. From misusing cough syrups, to taking shoe gums, even the social media is awashed with different types of drugs which can be used for various ailments. The social media is a double-edge sword that is supposed to help prevent evil is now the medium used to promote it. But don’t let us derail, what is drug abuse and how does it affect the lives of millions of youths worldwide?

Drug can be said to be a chemical composition in which when used, will have an effect on the user body mind and health. There are different types of drugs for various ailments. Drug abuse comes in when these drugs are taken without proper prescription and when we overuse drugs or use a wrong drug for an ailment. Now let me break it down, it is normal for one to use paracetamol to treat any ailment related to headaches, but when we now use this same paracetamol for stomach ache or to sleep, it becomes an abuse.

Types of Drug Abuse by Youths

  1. CIGARETTES: Cigarettes unknown to many are drugs and dangerous ones at that, that is why even the manufacturers put on a caveat that smokers a liable to die young and also most cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine, this nicotine has an addictive taste and excessive intake of nicotine causes lung cancer
  2. CAFFEINE: In our higher institutions, most students drink excessive Nescafe in order to read and not to sleep during examinations. This students in defiance of what the Nescafe contains cause themselves ,more harm than good, because when the caffeine ion this Nescafe begins to take effect, it cause migraine and other headaches, Students should just allow nature to take its course ,instead of trying to cheat nature
  3. AMPHETAMINE: Otherwise known as “sweet” in the United States is a stimulant meant to treat the nervous system and to increase alertness, but youths of these generations use it to read for long hours and for sports so that they won’t get tired
  4. CODEINE: Codeine is has been so abused in the Nigerian system that you cannot get this syrup in the pharmacy unless you are medical personnel. This drug is a cough syrups, but majority of youths now use it to sleep.

Effects of Drug Abuse

Physical effect: Misuse of drugs and over usage of drugs has an adverse effect on the physical body system. When I was in school, a good friend of mine had to do dialysis twice because his lungs got damages due to his habitual smoking patterns. Most drugs addicts become lean, their facial face changes and some of their inner systems is damages like liver, spleen and kidney, if you love your life stay away from drug abuse!

Social effect: Drug abusers cause pain and sadness to themselves, their immediately family, their society and the nation at large. No family wants to lose any member and no society wants to also. It has been mentioned that majority of gangs and fraternities in our institutions use drugs to carry out their nefarious activities. The damage these cults will cause to the society and the nation cannot be quantified

Economic effect: Youths who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow and contribute to the nation’s development and growth are cut-off in their primes because of this drug abuse. Youth now experience untimely death and incurable ailments because of their continued indulgence in abusive drugs

We are all created to be useful to ourselves, our family and friends, the society and the nation at large but in order for us to achieve such greatness we have to come clean and desist from abusive drugs. We should focus our energies on helpful things that can make us better youths, we should eat balanced diet and take lots of fruits, there is no gain in taking drugs that will ruin our lives, my advice for you and I right now, is that we should say no to drug abuse.

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