HALITOSIS; Causes and Treatment of Bad Breath


Halitosis is popularly known as bad breath or mouth odour. It got in play as I was leaving my office late in the evening  and moving towards an alley. I noticed a blond lady ,not more than 5 feet, she looks pretty. I walked up to her to exchange pleasantries, you know what they say; this life is too short not to have company. I greeted her and she replied.

I didn’t notice anything at first perhaps because it was wowed by her physique, but when we continued with our discourse, I perceived a sour odor coming from her direction. Well, I didn’t read too much meaning to it then. But when we got to know each other better, I noticed one thing; the pretty blond girl had bad breath!!!

How do I tell her that I am not comfortable whenever we are discussing in close proximity? I assume this scenario would have played out with a lot of people out there, well don’t be fettered up because we are going to know more about this issue.


Sometimes what we know as bad breath or what some medical practitioners call fetoris or malodor is a symptom in which a noticeable odor exudes from the mouth. This odor is unpleasant in nature and calls for a timely attention. Funny enough, it is actually difficult informing the person with halitosis; because he has absolutely no idea his breath is bad!! It’s strange right?

Well, research has it that bad breath can be caused by various factors and can also be treated.

Causes of Halitosis

  1. Poor hygiene:  Most individuals that have bad breath have very poor dental hygiene. It is recommended by dentist that we must brush her teeth twice daily to keep a good hygiene. My question is, how many of us do this?.Most of us just do the morning ritual and speed off to our destination. This is wrong!.Also we should also make sure we change our toothbrush one a month, this is to obtain optimum performance. Our floral also must also be of good quality has low quality floral endangered our gums. Lastly we should make sure we brush our tongues and gums also and some germs hide there.
  2. Bad eating habits: Too much sugar coated candies and sweets must be avoided at all cost. This is because they endanger out teeth and gums. Particles from the candies and sweets pams on the gums for a long period of time and this encourage dental bacteria to harm the dental cavity.
  3. Tobacco and Alcohol: Individuals who engage in smoking tobacco should desist from it and it has been discovered that nicotine in tobacco endangers the teeth and cause Halitosis. A good percentage of individuals with bad breath have a history of taking tobacco or cigarette that contains nicotine. Bingers and heavy drinkers should also watch what they take, as some alcoholic drinks leave much to be desired in the mouth cavity.

Treatment for Halitosis

  1. The most obvious and common treatment of halitosis is daily brushing of the teeth. Now dentist have made it known that we must brush our teeth twice every day. Dentists also recommend that our toothbrush should be changed monthly and we should use good dental paste for optimum performance. Brushing of teeth should take place early in the morning before dinner and late in the night before we retire to bed.
  2. It is also highly recommended for people with halitosis to use mouthwashes. These mouthwashes will go a long way in killing the bacteria in the gums and enamels. Mouthwashes should be used once daily, preferably, early in the morning. There are various mouthwashes recommended by dentist, they are cetylpyridinium chloride, zinc chloride and triclosan.
  3. Total abstinence from tobacco smoking should be strictly adhered to because most germs from this tobacco get stuck in the gums and cause bad breath. Also those with halitosis should quit drinking or reduce it to the barest minimum and drink plenty water.
  4. Chewing of sugar-free gums and eating lost of sugar-free candies can be of assistance to someone with halitosis and this will stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth and this saliva will make the mouth moist will l drastically reduce bad breath and wash away the germs.
  5. Individuals using artificial teeth what is known as removable dentures, please we need to remove it daily and clean it properly before we put them on again, we must never attempt to use cleaned removable dentures more than 24 hours.
  6. We must constantly and regularly pay visit to our dentist and they will be able to monitor the progress of our dental problems and will be able to provide adequate medical solutions.

So next time you see someone with bad breath, you can help out, they will be grateful!.


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