Herbal Plant: 5 Awesome Mixtures That Improve Health

Herbal plant is plants useful for medical purposes.

herbal plant

We have millions of plants in the world today and they are good for medicine. Most of these herbs can be found in rural areas, due to the gross urbanisation of the cities. Also, these herbs possess various clinical powers that have solutions to our various health problems. Today I will treat Five(5) herbal plants in Nigeria, that are medically useful for us.

5 Medical Herbal Plant

1.Scientific/Botanical name: Bryophyllum pinnatum

herbal plant

Yoruba (Abamoda), Edo (Dawenshin). This herb is popularly known as the leaf of Life.

The medical parts: Root and leaves.


1. Asthma

2. Dysentery

3. High Blood pressure

4. All cases of worms

5. Constipation

6. It is a good diabetics agent.

Preparation and usage

When you find this herbal plant, cut it or grind it. Dry it in the sun for some hours. After it has been properly dried using the mixture for tea,or mix it with honey. Take twice daily. If you are treating cough, please put the dried leaves in warm water for five minutes, and drink in the morning and evening for three days.

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