HYPERHIDROSIS: Ailment Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Hyperhidrosis ailment occurs when one sweats excessively that it now becomes detrimental to one’s health, physically and emotionally.


A high number of people who have this ailment notice it from their puberty age. For male 15-17 years while females 14-15(this Is because ladies tend to mature faster than men).There are certain areas of our bodies that are affected by excessive sweats, these areas are palms, feet, armpits, face and the groin.

Types of Hyperhidrosis

General Hyperhidrosis: All the parts of the body are involved in excessive sweating

Focal Hyperhidrosis: This kind of excessive sweat occurs when it occurs in certain areas for example if when an individual only experiences in his armpits alone.

Signs that you have Hyperhidrosis

Before any ailment happens, there will be some signs that will inform us the type of illness we are going through.Hyperhidrosis is not left out of such ailments. Kindly look out for the following symptoms’:

  1. Frequent sweating in a particular part of the body
  2. Wet feet and palms

Also note that individuals that are experiencing these signs will behave the following ways

  1. He or she may always have to use excessive perfumes and fragrances
  2. They may be coy about attending events that will make them have physical contacts with another individual; they don’t want to be put in an uncomfortable situation
  3. Such individual will always be conscious of themselves
  4. When the sweating becomes too much such individual will feel uncomfortable and experience irritations of the affected body parts

Now let’s ask ourselves these questions. what the root cause of these excessive sweating is, because without knowing the cause, we cannot have a solution.

Now let’s highlight what can make an individual have hyperhidrosis:

  1. When an individual suffers kidney problem. Kidney is the part of the body that regulates sweating process, but when one of the kidneys or both is damaged .an individual experiences excessive sweating. Therefore whenever you notice that that you sweat more than you do before, go to your doctor.
  2. Hyperhidrosis can also be a genetic ailment, what this means is that if any of your parents have the ailment, its is possible that it could be transferred to you. Although not in all cases, but a apparent can give their offspring’s this ailment.
  3. Highly obese individuals have a high possibility of have excessive sweating. This happens because of the inability of the excess fat in the individual body to hold water.
  4. When we abuse drugs, this triggers certain reactors in the body and it can cause hyperhidrosis.This happens mostly to users of cocaine, heroine and amphetamines.
  5. Stress can also be a factor that causes excessive sweating. although this happens both ways. What I mean is that hyperhidrosis itself can cause stress, because the individual will be worried about people noticing his oily and sweaty body, while emotional and mental stress itself can cause one to sweat excessively

Now if you have a friend, relative and family that have this Hyperhidrosis, what should you do?

If you really want to help combat Hyperhidrosis; do this:

  1. Advise such individual to buy antiperspirants (roll-on), if the person is low on finance, you can help out, what are friends for?
  2. Advise the person to reduce his or her intake of excessive alcohol, because it has been noticed that too much alcohol can trigger hyperhidrosis.
  3. Encourage the person to desist from wearing light-fiber cloths. He should be encouraged to wear thick-wooled wears and he should put underneath his cloths.singlet and vest as this will suppress the sweat and make its less obvious.
  4. Inform the person to see a doctor for a lasting solution

Folks, please desist from making fun of people who experience such ailments, for most of them it’s not their fault, it’s probably due to a genetic mutation or failing kidney. Just because you have this ailment does not mean you  should avoid outings, just make sure you treat yourself well and you are properly covered, have self confidence and the sky will be your starting point

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