Menopause: Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention for Infertility

Menopause is a period in the life of a feminine gender, when the ovary refuses to perform. Also, it is  said to be the absence of menstrual period within a time frame. It is a natural phenomenon and expected to end fertility in women.


Which age can it occur?

The actual age that a woman experiences menopause vary. This is due to the different composition that various women are embodied with and because people have different reactions to certain conditions. But it is generally acknowledged that from 35 upward, a woman can experience early menopause. It is a great fallacy that it is from 50 years of age upwards that menopause can occur.

Signs of menopause

Although, menopause is a gradual process, there are certain symptoms that shows, you are getting to that stage:

1. When you have constant mood swings.

2. The female slowly gains weight and her metabolism slow down.

3. Female breast is no longer firm. Sagging things!

4. When you experience dryness in the vagina.

5. Experiencing constant irregular periods

6. An individual constantly experience midnight’s sweats.

7. Dry skin and hair is the order of the day.

8. When a woman experiences hot flashes. Hot flashes are warm feelings around the body. It last between 30 to 35 seconds.

9. Constant urination burning and incontinence.

10. A lady will experience a gradual bone loss.

11. Cholestesterol levels declines significantly.

12. A few ladies starts to experience frequent memory loss.

There are various reasons that triggered early menopause as you will find out on the next page below.

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