OBESITY; Signs, Effects and Solutions to Excess Fat

Obesity is a known  clinical condition  where an individual has too much fat in his body.


For those of us that have friends who are on the big side, we can relate to how easy some of us play pranks on them and make unnecessary remarks about their “big” stature.

In high school, I have a friend named Paul. He is on the big side, most people call him “ biggie” obviously because of the enormous weight he carries. He is one obese guy I know that knows how to carry his weight and doesn’t even take our  ridicules seriously. But what shocked me about Simon was that when I saw his pictures in his formative days at basic school, he was slim, what then made him this big in high school?

There have been many misguided comparison about obese and big people. There is a big difference between been huge and been obese. It all comes with the proportion of which of your body and fatness. It is very possible to be huge and not fat. A typical example of huge people and not fat is the popular sportsman Shaquille O’Neal  and Kobe bryant. These  stars have very huge stature but they cannot be deemed obese.

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