Skin bleaching: Causes, Effects & Natural Skin Remedies

Skin bleaching is known sometimes as skin toning or skin lightening. It is mostly a deliberate attempt at changing your skin colour and texture. This is done by using various chemical agents like soaps, creams and moisturisers.

skin bleaching

Generally, it is assumed that most women bleach their skin from black to fair. Although some claim that their aim is not to change colour, but to remove certain age spots and skin infections.

Why women embark on skin bleaching

1. Some women tone their skin because of the gross inferiority complex.

2. In the quest of looking more beautiful than their mates, women tone.

3. Due to the low self-esteem exhibited by some black women, they prefer being light skin. They do this believing it will aid them in a certain area in Life.

4. Peer pressure: A good number of women tone their skin, hugely because their friends are engaging in such act. Some women basically have no mind of their own.

Why ladies should avoid cream bleaching

1. It weakens the skin. Many women have the various skin infections because the durability of their skin is been compromised by the dangerous chemicals used on it.

2. Ladies are vulnerable to skin injuries due to over bleaching

3. Some of these bleaching products cause irritation to the skin.

4. Redness of the skin colour and greenness of the veins.

5. Skin bleaching products destroy melanin, which is important to the fast regeneration of skin.

6. When bleaching goes bad, it leads to skin cancer.

7. Due to the high level of mercury in most bleaching products, skin bleaching lead to kidney and neurological problems.

8. Some ladies experience premature ageing while using these bleaching products. Please be sure of what you are using. Individual body differs.

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