Toilet Infections: Causes, Signs and Easy Treatment

Toilet infections are medical conditions that affects  ladies. These infections occur , when foul  fluids comes out of the Vag!na. Most times, the vag!na starts to itch and this cause discomfort .

Toilet infections

Common types of toilet infections are bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis and trichomoniasis.

How can women contract toilet infections?

Public and dirty toilets: The easiest way to contract toilet infections is by using unclean toilet. Ladies should be wary of using unclean pit latrines and water closet system.

Douching: Douching is the method, ladies used   to clean themselves up after using the toilets. Ladies need to clean themselves up properly and avoid the use of harmful solvents.

Pregnancy: Due to the rate by which hormones are secreted during pregnancy, ladies are  prone to have toilet infections during pregnancy period.

Dirty under wears: It is so sad that we still find  ladies who wear the same under wears for a week. I thought only guys  do that! Ladies who refuse to change their under wears regularly, are prone to toilet infections.

Using deodorants: Some ladies use perfumes and deodorants on their vag!nas to make it smell nice. Like seriously? Who cares about such things in this age and time when money is there to be made ? Ladies should take proper care of themselves without these frivolities.

You sure need to know the real signs of infection as well as curing this disease. Continue reading next page below.

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