Crashed Marriage? Pls Advice, I still Love Him like 9 Years Ago

Crashed marriage is of greater concern than wedding that did not get to hold. You will agree with me on choosing a failed dating 100 times over failed marriage. A reader here in my mail is in a confused state right now, due to the pressing issue in her home. Read her mail after the cut… (NB: Subheadings are added by me for easy readability)

crashed marriage

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“Hi Estee, please help me share this issue on your platform. I request total privacy. Please don’t mention my name or name of my church and school.

How we started our journey

I can boldly say I married to the best man in the world in 2007. We have been dating since our secondary school days. We both know each other like the palm of our hands. I am limited to how much I can talk about our relationship. But we have dated 7 years before we got married in 2007.

He is practically the only man I knew all my life and I don’t think any woman with my man could still be looking out.

On many occasions in the university, he occupied the space of a big brother. Even though, he is just 3 years older than me.

When he saved me from death and married me

I am alive today, thanks to Jesus and thanks to my husband, who was just my fiancé that donated a kidney for me to stay alive till date. I love and adore this man all my life.

During the time of kidney problem, we had to terminate my pregnancy then without any complications whatsoever.

This time we’ve graduated and about to get married. As God will have it, we didn’t get to have that pregnancy during our marriage.

From Being Happy to Crashed Marriage?

We had kid just two years after our marriage. And we have not had second kid till date.  One unfortunate evening about 3years ago, a close friend of my husband visited but my husband travelled out of the country. I wasn’t even comfortable with his sleeping over that night.

I sincerely hope you don’t judge me after all. The man rap3d me and resulted in a pregnancy I had to abort later before my husband arrived back in the country the end of the following month. This is the only threat to crashed marriage I have.

We gave our life to Christ sometimes last year. It has really being heavy on my mind to tell him what happened 3years ago between I and his friend. My husband already asking me what has been bothering me, and I am tired of pretending.

The Big Question Tag

Right now, it’s medically confirmed I can’t conceive again after aborting twice and affected my womb. CAN I REALLY TELL HIM AND STILL KEEP MY HOME AS HAPPY AS EVER? OR I SHOULD JUST KEEP IT TO MYSELF AND BE BURDENED BY THIS ISSUE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE? WON’T THIS ALSO STANDS AGAINST ME IN HEAVEN? Or Can I just risk a crashed marriage?”


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