LOVE; Feel The Most Sensual Sensation


Love is a beautiful phenomenon accompanied by magical feelings, it sends sensation down the spine. Have you ever experienced being affectionately loved by someone? Wow! The feeling is sensual. When love is young, it’s more beautiful in the heart than a peacock in the eyes. It’s painted with array of colours, from pink, to azure blue, beautifying one’s life with pictorial wonders.

Love does not really differ from nature. Love at its peak is nature refined to its best; everything in order, no befallen calamities, green leaves lush freshness, rain forest do not get famished, sun shines in calm effulgence, paradise is felt on earth surface.

The radiance of love makes every elegant wish come true. You wish to hold her hand and have a walk in a serene courtyard, you wish to engage her in a lengthy conversation to feel her angelic voice, you wish to sit close enough in a cinema to enjoy a thriller, you wish to look into her innocent eyes and get the caption in her heart, you wish you are in the rain and give her a tender kiss on the lips.

What more feelings do you have? Don’t you read his messages and smile sheepishly? Don’t you sleep and see his face in your dreams? Don’t you expect your cell phone to ring even when the battery is dead? Why are you always looking forward to his chats on your WhatsApp? Why do you feel he is the only friend you have on your BBM? Why must you like his every post on Facebook? Why have you chosen to monitor his trend on Twitter? Don’t you feel you are crazily in love with him?

The sensation of love is something a darling heart will never dare to carry over. It happens once, twice or whatever amount of time you keep renewing your love, but I do not think it is beyond this surface of the earth. Let your heart be opened to love once again if you feel you have been jilted. A shattered heart is a wounded heart, its cure is still love. If you are hurt through love, your cure is not in hatred, you have to be cured through love. You do not need to make your heart blunt forever because you lost it for once, trial upon trial will one day lead you to success, and by that time, you will testify to the fact that nothing on this surface earth is more beautiful than love. When the power of love and compassion overcome the love for power, the world will surely be in eternal bliss

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