Relationship: Spice Up Your Love Affair 2


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From the previous discussion we had on this same topic, I hope we all have learnt a great deal and we are already spicing up our relationships. At this juncture, I have to make us all understand that this concept cannot be exhausted, views do range from the perspective of each person involved. Despite that, some fundamental points will always work for the majority if not all, and these are what we shall proceed on in this chapter.

Relationship SpiceLOVE

The creation of everything in pairs is evident of the fact that one cannot survive in isolation. In order to live in harmony, love must be at the forefront. Love is the foundation of life, it is the sole reason why the world has grown this large. Without love, life is meaningless. Forget about wealth, cast aside material things, overlook power and position, love is the strength and backbone of survival. Without love, no kind of relationship would exist, be it casual or romantic.

To engage in a romantic affair, love has to come first. An heart that is not opened to love has lost its value. The love must be reciprocal, from A to B and B to A. the parties involved must share the same feelings and affection for each other, if this does not occur, or if it happens to be one sided, the relationship will end up hitting the rock.

Relationship Spice: CARE

The very next spicy to love is care. Ultimately, ladies admire this more. Interview a lady outside there about the kind of husband she craves for, she has to say loving, caring and the likes. This in actual sense means that the more caring a guy is to his lover, the more he gets in return. Ladies are meant to be handled with care, they are more fragile than eggs. A lady can decide to devote her life for the betterment of the relationship if she gets what she admires from the guy, and what she admires most is your care.

Relationship Spice: RESPECT

Men love to be accorded respect. There is always a trait of leadership within them, they believe they are the boss and they deserve some respect in return. This particular trait is what many ladies have lost nowadays. The doctrine of gender equality has gone into the head of many ladies, the feminist theory is now in rampage. Gone were those days when the roles of a man is in clear distinct from that of a woman.

The adage that says whatever a man can do, a woman can do better has been clearly misinterpreted, this has worn into ladies self ego, pride and lack of respect. And the more you disrespect your man, the less you enjoy your love life. A lady that believes she has the match of all men would only land herself in trouble, depression and isolation will be her reward in turn.

To be continued…

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