Relationship: Spice Up Your Love Affair 3


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It is of utmost importance to keep a healthy relationship with one’s spouse, this has been the basis of our subject of discourse. Lots of relationship has hit the rock simply because of nonchalant behaviour that could be corrected with just simple advices, this is why we keep it rolling in this corner so that we can be happy forever. We shall proceed from where we had an halt in the previous chapter. Enjoy a jolly ride pals!

Relationship Time

Your time is a valuable asset in relationship, it is essential factor that keeps it waxing stronger. If time is devoted, lots of memories are shared, series of questions would not lack responses, unnecessary waywardness on either part could be easily curbed. I get astonished when some partners behave like strangers to each other, they hardly know their dos and don’t, they feel embarrassed to express their shared feelings in the presence of a crowd. This is so because they have created some distance in their hearts, they haven’t shared enough time together, they have limited their love expressions to chats and telephone conversations. All these will not help a relationship to grow, it rather kills it. As minute as it might be, constant and considerable time should always be reserved for each other.

Relationship Negligence

Nobody wants to be neglected, one feels dejected and rejected by it, this is the strength of giving attention. Do not neglect your lover at the expense of anything, make him your priority, make her top your list of desires. It is devastating nowadays that more attention is given to unworthy objects at the expense of our relationships. Some marriages have shrunk due to lack of attention from either partners. Petty issues have gone all the way to crush marital lives simply because they were not given necessary attention as at when due. Be the first person to know what is behind the happiness of your lover, make sure you are creative enough to get solutions to whatever might be hurting his darling mind. Don’t always wait for him to tell you everything, you can figure out his stress and trouble by devoting necessary attention.

Essense is Love

When the essence of life is love, I wonder what else should be our priority than those we share feelings of equal proportion with. If you can’t do it for her sake, then who else? If you refuse to prioritize him, who will? The secret is, everyone likes to feel important in a way or the other. When you have a thousand Naira on you and you just misplaced your wrist watch, on getting to the store to get yourself a new one, you saw a necklace of same worth on a lady in the store, you ordered for the same necklace from the storekeeper simply because you want to see that same necklace on your lover and you forgo your primary aim of entering into the store, that is what is called priority. By doing that, no matter how token, you have won yourself a medal in her heart. On the contrary, she will also look forward to a day to reciprocate that.

Spice up your love affair continues in the next chapter…

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