Relationship: Spice up Your Love Affair 4


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Hi pals! In the previous chapter of this discourse, I discussed three major points that could easily spice up your love life, those acts that could make one have a blissful relationship. This episode will be a continuation of the previous ones as I endeavor to make sure that our sweet love stories do not end up sour. Let us enjoy as usual.

In order to enjoy a fulfilled relationship, being romantic is one thing that should be at the forefront. By romance, it does not necessarily mean to be an affair in bed. Romanticism comes with shared feelings, emotions and affection. A relationship without emotion and affection is as dead as log of wood. Always let your partner feel your presence, let him look forward to meeting you again and again. Being romantic cuts across your dress sensation, your manner of speech, your outlook, your care and your approach to issues. A guy would want to flaunt his babe when she is ravishing, a lady would be proud to show off her guy when he cares so much for the least of things that involve her. Kiss her on the forehead, whisper sweet melodies into her ears, hold her tight when she feels depressed, cuddle her when she feels lonely, always tell her the three sensational words, ‘I love you’. Let him appreciate your presence and feel your absence, let your thought cloud his mind, add romance and take your relationship to cloud nine.

We are humans, imperfect creature, whereby mistakes are part of our lives. This particular line should be our watchword if we want to be successful in our dealings. A partner does not watches over the mistake of the other. This heart of ours is so flexible, it can be shattered in a nick of time when one keeps noticing the mistake of the other. The major point here is to have a forgiving heart and overlook. If each mistake made is to be given necessary scrutiny, I bet no marriage would have existed on heart. In light of this, mistakes should not be the basis of unnecessary brawls, partners must learn to overlook mistakes and accommodate each other at any expense.

If you are the type that is self-indulgent and self-centered, you might find it difficult to maintain a peaceful coexistence. Selfishness is never a good trait of a loving and caring person, a partner must learn to sacrifice and be selfless in making decisions. Once you are in a relationship, always include your partner in your day to day plan, do not take decisions that would hurt her for the sole purpose of making yourself happy. Many a times, you have to go as long as sacrificing your happiness to make sure your partner is in gaily mood. Selfish interests and desires kill off the burning fire of love already ignited in the heart, it makes the partner feel less important and subsequently lose the trust he or she has invested in the relationship.

The learning process continues in the next episode..

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