Relationship: Spice up Your Love Affair 5


If you missed the previous article on SPICING UP YOUR LOVE AFFAIR 4, check it out from the beginning here HERE.

On this topic so far, I strongly believe my readers out there have learnt a great deal. To be in a relationship should not be a bunch of stress, rather an avenue to love and be loved in return. This episode shall continue to enlighten our readers more on those spices that can add more flavor to our love affair so that we can end up enjoying a tasty and yummy relationship.

It is quite pathetic how ladies have got it wrong in relationships nowadays. Most ladies out there have seen their guys as Father Christmas who should always be capable of their needs. For every damn project they want to take up, no matter how minute, they have vested and rested all hopes on the finance of the man. He has to take you out on your birthday, you must go shopping on Valentine’s Day and he has to pay for the bill, on his own birthday, he takes the centre stage; all these on the basis of him being the ‘man’. Ladies, if you are in this shoe, you have to get off it before he feels choke and he bids farewell.

Exchange of gifts makes love affair more colourful, it strengthens that unseen bond that connects two lovers. You are asking what an unseen bond is? It is simply the connection of two hearts which melt together and in turn become one. To exchange gifts between lovers, a period should not be specified; you don’t need to await his promotion in his place of work, it shouldn’t always be on your relationship anniversary, why wait till your birthday or hers before you go shopping? Surprise him with gifts when he least expected, take her out at your leisure for a nice time. Reciprocate his kind gesture as much as you can.

Getting comfort in time of distress is a call of nature every man yields to, this is termed solace. It is of utmost importance for a man to find his solace in his woman and vice versa. There is always a point of distress for a reason or the other at a particular point in anyone’s life, either by nature of work or some mental fatigue, a partner deserves to get his or her solace from the other regardless of the nature of distress. Be a kind your partner can solely rely on when having some hard time, be full of comfort and compassion. Do not allow flimsy issues overcome your emotions and ruin your happiness, open mind and soft words are two elements that cure depression.

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