Relationship: Spice up Your Love Affair 6

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Hello pals, this episode of spice up your relationship love affair shall now deviate from its predecessors, it will be an added chilli to the already flavoured dish. I implore everyone to sit comfortably, dine with me and digest with ease.

Have you ever thought of being chivalrous as a man to your lady? Are you of the opinion that man is not endowed with the habit of being polite, kind and treat his woman with honour? If you have been having such thought, you are wrong. There is nothing archaic in helping your partner with her handbag on the street. Why should you be shy to wear her make up on her? Who tagged you silly for helping her out in the kitchen? Do you feel opening the car door for her to enter is childish? No, they are simply acts of kindness. How do you feel plaiting her hair for her? You can even go as far as lifting her from the sitting room to the gym, from the gym to the bathroom for shower, and end up placing her on bed after the whole event. Women love to be pampered, that is why they wholeheartedly accept the title baby. Do treat them as one and you will have their heart in return.

To take a man’s love for granted is a mistake every lady would regret at a point in their lives. When a man decides to devote his heart into a relationship at the expense of external worrying and varying factors, a lady should never make the mistake of toying with his emotions. Sincerely yours, to treat a lady with so much honor is as simple as it is difficult, especially at this present age when women themselves have lost their honours and dignity. That as it may be, some men out there especially my readers do not see it as a big deal to carry out. In that sense, it will be so pathetic, acrimonious and rancorous on the part of a lady who feels she deserves to hurt him in return. Appreciate his kind gesture humorously and make him feel on top of the world in return.

Every act in a relationship should not be spelt out to a third party, be discreet enough about your affair, ladies should hold on to this more. He takes you on a shopping and you feel the best way for you to appreciate him is by making all your friends aware, this is infantile and puerile. It is an inconsequential and insignificant act for you to decide that his wrongs to you must be pronounced outwardly. My dear, you are only spreading your dirty linen for the world to see, they have nothing to offer than to mock. A discreet lady is a toast of every man, do not be lousy, frivolous and trifling about your affair. Keep it discreet and secret, be simple and succinct; celebrate him in the most matured possible way.

Enjoy a thrilling relationship!

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