Relationship: Spice up Your Love Affair [Episode 7]

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Hello readers! So far on this love affair series, I hope we have been able to understand what a true companionship entails. The care, the love, the understanding, the sacrifices, and all other factors that keep a relationship well balanced.

As you continue to send out love, the energy returns to you in a regenerating spiral; As love accumulates, it keeps your system in balance and harmony. Love is the tool, and more love is the end product. In this episode, we shall be dishing out some other spices that garnish the taste of love.

Relationship Spice: Tears

Difficulties make you realize the weight of a relationship, only tears can make you fathom the depth of your feelings. Are you amazed to hear this? Do you feel bad to make your partner shed tears? As negative as they may seem, they form the essentials of any marvellous relationship.

Love affairs come with burden, and loads of responsibility, these factors make you realize the weight and essence of your companionship. Emotional tears are shed not for the hurt one encounters in a relationship, but for the depth of one’s investment in the affair. The more you love, the easier you get hurt, tears roll down your cheek at the least of arguments, you react weird to the silliest of happenings. When these are realised, do not get bored or tired of your partner, love him more, intensify your care on her and admire her for those characters. A good lover should have a forbearing heart.

Relationship Spice: Submissive

Adopt an egalitarian tactics in running your love life, do not be egocentric. Be democratic instead of being a dictator. Man by nature oversees the affairs of a relationship, he forms the boss and becomes the captain of the ship, he wants to paddle the canoe and at the same time pilot the plane. Why not relieve yourself of the stress by making her have a sense of responsibility? Save yourself the mental fatigue by allowing her take decisions that could benefit both of you. She is not daft, neither is she dumb. And if you feel she is shallow minded, then there is no need of you calling her your partner. No one is an island of knowledge, for the fact that she is submissive does not make you in any way better, she only accords you the respect of being a man, then you should also reciprocate her respect by affording her the opportunity of contributing into the affair.

Relationship Spice: Pretence

It is an unforgivable mess acting under pretence in a relationship. What you wouldn’t taste, why then smell? It is a shame these days that most people do not care about how flexible an heart is, they just make decisions neglecting the probable outcome. In a relationship, be true to the core, do not act like someone who has got no heart. If you feel something is wrong about the relationship, call your partner to order, deliberate on the issue and seek a way out for yourselves. Do not just sit in the corner of your room and make nasty decisions. Always remember, a broken heart is a wounded heart.

Till we meet in the next episode, enjoy!

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