Relationship: Spice Up Your Love Affair


Relationship Standards

It is quite disheartening to see love affairs falter without a reasonable reason. Relationships of nowadays are like flimsy facade, there basis of existence is faulty. Lots of individuals are entering into relationships without a set goal, no particular aim or objective and with a bias motive, this in turn has transformed what is meant to be a sweet affair into a sour and bitter experience. This piece will rather be an optimistic one, a guide for an established relationship and an eye opener for soon-to-commence ones.

In engaging in a romantic affair, an individual should have a set goal and objectives. There must always be reasons for choosing to do a particular thing. In this case, options are weighed, reasons must be justifiable and targets must be achievable. A love affair with no direction is faulty from inception. Why should I do a business that will not profit me at the end? The same question should be asked and answered while delving into any relationship.

Relationship Foundation

Successful relationships are built on trust. As partners, you must learn to trust each other at all cost. Do not allow the influence of a third party to shatter the trust you’ve built in your partner. A relationship without trust is like an house without a foundation, no matter the amount of investment made on it, there won’t be any gain at the end because just in a moment of craziness, everything will be dashed.

A lover should not be suspicious of the other. Suspicion burns down trust the way fire burns down leaves in an harmattan. Do not think he is cheating on you, do not think she is a whore, for whatsoever reason, for whatever it has to cost you, always be positive minded about your partner. Suspecting him or her would do the parties no good rather than hurt their feelings and emotions, and if hurt persists, the end of the relationship is near.


Have a better understanding of your partner than anyone else. Be a good analyst even if that is in nowhere related to your field, note that it is for the sake of keeping your love life alive and healthy. Have you ever thought of interpreting someone’s silence? Then that person should be your partner. Understand his silence, be able to justify her actions even when she is rude, always be optimistic in each other’s dealings. A better understanding of one’s partner gives a lifeline to a formidable relationship.

To be continued…

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