Blogging for Money: The Beginners’ Introductory Guide

Blogging for money is just one of many genuine ways to make money online. These could be while working at home or at your conventional daily jobs. Some of the ways to make money online may be tricky, while some are quite straight-forward. If you follow this series on blogging for money “#BloggingForMoney”, you will learn about almost everything I do to make steady income.

blogging for money

Whats blogging for money?

The right question should be whats blog or blogging. I am pretty sure you can complete the meaning once you understand meaning of blog.

BLOG is a website or web page regularly up to date, typically run by an individual or small group in an informal or conversational style. In a simpler term; your blog is your public notebook.

Therefore, blogging for money is basically a way of writing on your public notebook and making money. Bingo!

How do I embark on blogging for money?

You are not alone in this curiosity. Throw back to 2015, I still wonder how people make money by writing some stuffs online. However, i am sure people do make money. I have few friends on this field that have been making money. Meanwhile, I was willing to explore.

Look at my blog as a physical magazine or newspaper. All the advert seen at strategic places are either placed by google or other advertisement company. There are also sponsored content from content recommendation company like Taboola and co. All these are avenues that automatically pay money into my bank accounts on monthly basis.

If you follow this series on blogging for money “#BloggingForMoney”, you will learn about almost everything I do to make steady income.


There are some free blogging platforms out there, yeah. And some of these free platforms can also allow you make money, well, within their own boundaries or requirements.

If you really intend blogging for money, then you can compare starting up like a physical brand/company. Your to-do list are; deciding your brand, domain name, web hosting, designing, an average laptop and/or a fairly smart phone. I sure would need to break this down.

Choosing your brand

Blogging for money is not just about “copy and paste” blogging style employed by most people blogging for fun. You might wonder why is your case different. But, your case is not actually different. You might have just been looking up to complacent bloggers.

My advice is that you chose niche (topic) you will find fun in writing on. Even if you have to reproduce other people’s work, it still have to be something you can do well.

Domain Name

Domain name can be compared to your business name registration in the physical world. It is the website address e.g ““. You should note that domain name registration is not a substitute for your business name registration. A very good example is GOOGLE INC ( The organization legal name is GOOGLE INC while its domain name is

Domain name is the first way to go after deciding on the name to register. You can register a domain name here. Prices of domain name depends on its extension .com, .net, .org, .tv, .biz etc. The cost of an average .com is around $11 per year.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting can be seen as a shop or an office space where you carry out services. You can as well compare it to a warehouse for storing your goods. A web hosting is just a space where your website resides. You also pay for the hosting like you pay your shop/office rent depending on the duration you agree with your Landlord. Your Landlord in this context is your web Hosting Company and domain registrar.

You should be aware that web hosting prices vary just like physical shops depending on the space and resources available to the occupant. Check prices here.

Hosting specifications

*Storage: you can compare it to shop size, knowing fully well that the shop will not contain anything more than its space. In real sense, this is exactly the size of your computer hard disk. If you have a computer with 30GB of storage, you can not store size thats above that storage until you upgrade it.

*Traffic: you can compare it to the amount of customers your landlord allows to pass the gate every 30days. Meaning the TRAFFIC is recycled every month without having to pay for it. If your webpage is 1mb then 41,000 views is 41GB of traffic in 30ays. Most company allow you to upgrade anytime.

Setting up your site

My site, like majority of blog, is residing on wordpress framework. There is a free WordPress platform, but this is my own self hosted wordpress application I am running on my hosting server.

My website is being host on VastGIG and they provide support in helping you install wordpress application. However, the control panel is easy enough to install it yourself. You can have your website start up within 10 minutes.

Steps to install WordPress

  • STEP 1: Login into your control panel. The information you will receive after successful purchase of an account.
  • STEP 2: Go to Software section, then click on the Softaculous icon.
  • STEP 3: Click on the WordPress logo. This will open a screen with several options; Install, Overview, Features, and Import. Click on the Install Now link from the first screen.
  • STEP 4: Fill in the WordPress set up information. The following is the necessary information you need to fill in.
    • Choose Domain select from drop down. VastGig provide free SSL, so you can chose https version.
    • In Directory make sure this is blank, also delete wp that may be there.
    • The other details you need are; Site name, site short description, username, and password.
  • STEP 5: Click install. Hence, Softaculous will Check the submitted data and install the files to your server for WordPress. Click Return to Overview. Now you will se your WordPress Installation in the Current Installations.
  • STEP 6: Visit your website in your browser. You should also note that default login page will be shown; which is yoursiteurl/wp-admin.

Designing your blog

Designing your website should be left for professionals. However, you can simply select a theme while installing wordpress; NB: not all hosting company have this option. Navigate to theme section in your website admin and search for a theme to install.

Also, you can hire any web designer you know or simply hire me. I am not that professional, but I can install a decent theme and configure options thats cool. You can as well hire professionals from VastGIG. You can chat with them live on all the pages on their website or simply open a ticket.


So now, your platform is set and you are ready to kick-start. I will guide you on writing article or content in my next post on “Blogging For Money”.

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