Technology Invasion: Occupations that will be swallowed

Technology has great benefits without a doubt. However, it might deny humans their source of living in the future. Technology invasion is encroaching on Occupation which serves as a source of living to individual on a daily basis.

technology invasion

Technology Invasion, Occupations dying

The evolution of technology is at an alarming rate. Yeah, and with this comes the possibility of it rendering us jobless as the trend technology invasion comes alive. I can remember vividly the film “Terminator” where machine were battling humans for dominance and territorial space.

We have to be aware that lots of companies are looking for ways to save money. And these companies might buy into the idea of replacing humans with machines. Let us look at the apparent benefits for those companies who may buy into this idea.

Benefits of Technology invasion

  1. A machine can work round the clock with no pay and less assistance.
  2. Benefits for machines are non-existence.
  3. Machines don’t get sick and don’t take maternity leave.
  4. Machines will neither be late to work, nor rude, nor saucy.

The only drawback may be the price these machines cost, but they make up for that by been available and taking instructions.

Background Study

An Oxford research study says automation is likely to claim 48% of jobs by the year 2033. Therefore, if you are planning a career that goes beyond the next decade, rethink now. You may want to remove the following jobs from your list. You may want to ask me why? Isn’t it obvious that most of these jobs will will transform into automation. Therefore, it will reduce the probability of having humans’ manning these jobs.

Technology Invasion: Occupations

You should avoid the following jobs, so has not to suffer a sour face in your career progression;

1. Cashier

Cashier is an apparent example of job that automation will soon be taking over. Lots of grocery outlets are now using self-checkout machines to replace human cashiers. Also, the consumers are embracing the use of the self-checkout machines. So, it seems this automation machine may have come to stay.

2. Bank Teller Officers

The advent of ATM (automated teller machine), which can now handle deposits and withdrawal functions, the need for bank teller officials have been on a decline. Hence, the spread of this technology is bound to put an end to the employment of this occupation.

3. Drivers and Pilots

Anyone who is not aware of the driver-less car technology or auto-pilots must be a caveman. Lets forgive them on this account only. The advent of autonomous surveillance and assault launching drones is the order of the day by the Military worldwide. As the drones become more advanced and improvement upon, cargo operators will therefore be using them. Tesla cars and other driver-less cars may take time to be accepted, but let’s not overlook the possibility.

4. Bartenders

Several institutions already have the machines that can be hard and soft coded to serve drinks to customers. Ever watched “Passengers” before, you will understand what how robots are made to serve drinks.

5. Travel Agent officers

With the birth of the internet, the vast majority of travel agent officers are declining daily. The introduction of online traveling process made it easier, however, there is no need for this professional any longer.

6. Other

Other notable mentions are teachers and instructors.


Finally, this article is not meant to discourage those on these jobs now. But it is going be an eye opener to technology invasion. So that people will, at least, avoid the a difficult situation in this jet age.

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